Riley and Janna's Wedding

I have to say that I’m not even sorry for the long blog post! Sometimes you just can’t narrow things down and when  you’re shooting for friends that job becomes even harder. This wedding is ripe with emotion and the playful nature that is Janna and Riley. I was very much so digging their pretty and delicious tower of cheese as a cake replacement (yes this means they “cut the cheese” together). This wedding day is a great example of the question I often get, “What if it rains??”. Your answer is you enjoy this awesome day alongside your new husband/wife, trust your photographers to choose locations that work and embrace a little refreshing spritz. We live in a rainforest and it’s why everything is so lush and gorgeous here!

I hope you enjoy the story of The Merrells as much as we enjoyed being there to shoot it! Photographing weddings alongside my husband Silas is pretty darn awesome and I have to give him a shoutout for the great shots he contributed to this collection.